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“Entrust us your car and we’ll take care of its perfect technical condition!”

Autokorjaamo Autoexpert Oy provides most of the automotive services, demanded by the clients, such as: auto-mechanic, auto-electrical, diagnostics, daily service, preparation and submission to the annual MOT (roadworthiness test), removal of registered defects after technical reviews, etc.

Our Car Service is employing highly skilled specialists in motor-car operations with technical education and longstanding international experience. Working professionally and creatively, they are constantly developing their professionalism. The main priority is the systematic upgrading of technical know-how and equipment in accordance with the latest innovations in the automotive industry.

Our services:

  • computer diagnostics
  • preparation for the annual MOT (roadworthiness test)
  • repair of chassis
  • repair of engines and gearboxes
  • oil changing
  • replacement of the timing belt
  • repair of starters
  • car welds, repair and replacement of mufflers

Contact us:
Autokorjaamo Autoexpert Oy
Teollisuustie 8
60120 Seinäjoki
Phone 050 5006 070 ;  06 4177 999


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